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Quail Hunting in Nebraska

The call of the Bobwhite Quail is heard often at Hunter Haven. The birds have plenty of natural habitat to hide in and when the dogs point them and then flush them up-be ready.  Quails are a real challenge to shoot and delicious to eat.

There is a variety of habitat where the quail hide including tree lines, millet and milo fields, and grass and weed patches for hunting birds.

Combination Hunts: Quail hunting can be combined with any other hunt. There is a 6-bird limit for you to shoot any of the three species of pheasant, chukar, and quail. Additional birds are $35 each. (Add 5.5% Nebraska sales tax to all totals.)

Booking a hunt: Determine what month and about when you would like to come and call for availability. You can choose your duration of stay to fit your needs. We will try to accommodate your request. Suggestion?  Book early to get the dates you want.


Daily fees: $500 per day per hunter (all day+nite stay)

Extra night: $50

Deposit: $100 per day per hunter

Permits: Get your hunting permit and habitat stamp for either non-resident or resident 2-day or season hunt at the Nebraska Game and Parks Website of

Non-hunter daily fee: $100

Our Controlled Shooting Area is open from Sept 1-March 31.

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